meet the horses

The Horses

Ratchetts Right On Cue (Ozzy)

Ozzy is the inspiration to my life’s journey on this path to understand more about myself. He is a solid Paint horse and is 14 years old. He lost his left eye when he was 4. Our relationship together became very tenuous and I struggled with how to work with him. Because of him, we learned how to work together at liberty (no halter or lead rope) to do magical maneuvers.

JTs Smokin Dylan (JT)

JT is a 9-year old Morgan Quarter horse cross. JT lost his right eye when he was 3 and is blind in his left eye. He has to rely on his other senses to navigate his surroundings. JT has begun to learn how to do liberty as well and is learning voice cues to help guide him.

JT is the reason that I chose to become certified in Equine Assisted Learning. I really felt like he had that ability to connect on a different level. It was when I realized that in March 2021, I had developed cataracts in my eyes and was essentially blind myself. Working with JT and understanding how he sees his world enabled me to better understand him as a result of my own self developing cataracts.

Meka McCue (Meka)

Meka is the oldest member of the herd at 26 years. She is a Quarter Horse and is the mama to Ozzy. Her full sister is Baylee.

She has raised several foals, including one whom was not biologically hers. She adopted a foal who’s mama wasn’t able to care for him. She nurtured him just as if he was hers.

Meka is hard to catch, especially when she knows that you want to catch her. She is easy to catch when your intentions are honest and sincere.

Ohn My Ohn Gold Card (Baylee)

Baylee is a 24 years old and is a Quarter Horse. Many people believe that she is Ozzy’s mother, but she is not. As mentioned, her full sister is Meka.

Baylee used to compete in barrel racing and cattle penning. She can be quite spiteful by times, and is the lead mare in the herd. This means that she decides when and where they travel and the others follow.